• I'm dealing with problems instead of pushing them aside.

  • I'm setting goals and socialising more.

  • A great course, presented well in a friendly environment with a lot of input from others. Made me realise I'm not that different from other people.

  • I am now more able to give my opinion on subjects which makes me more confident and feel better about myself.

  • I now have a daily routine – something to focus on.

  • I'm a different person to 6 months ago.

  • My confidence has increased massively – I now have a reason to get up in the morning.

  • The support of both staff and group members has been invaluable in enabling me to understand my behaviour and addressing the way I think towards others.

  • Volunteering here has made me realise that I have a lot to offer and has definitely given me my self confidence a well needed boost.

  • I am quite amazed at how much better I feel about my problem in the six sessions allocated. I decided to request help as my initial issue was getting worse. A big thing for me is that I felt my Counsellor believed in me as a teacher, I knew friends and close colleagues did, but not the people who made me lose confidence in myself, it really helped me return to normal. Thank you.

  • The Counsellor was exactly what I needed. She was down to earth and was rationale, understanding voice who listened intently. She never judged and was very clever in helping to give me the tools I needed to help myself. I can’t praise the whole Counselling experience enough. Thank you so much.

  • My Counsellor helped me back from a very dark place, I no longer feel so alone and my confidence has had a much needed boost.

  • The Counsellor gave me the chance to unburden myself and say things which I couldn’t say to other people. She made me step back and look at what I was doing and encouraged me to change. At the end of the sessions I felt more confident and optimistic about what the future will hold.

  • I first heard about Tyneside Mind Counselling service from my GP. I can honestly say that from my first meeting I felt totally at ease in her company in such a nice quiet reflective place. After working with my Counsellor I feel better able to deal with my problems I have had from being a child. Thank you.

  • My first appointment went better than expected. Every appointment I had with her made me feel better about myself more than I had in 10 years. I found my sessions very helpful and would recommend them.

  • Thank you, I felt the Counsellor really understood me – this was very testing for me. The sessions were very insightful. I was shown a positive perspective of my upbringing and family and learnt new healthy perspective of my emotions and feelings. I learnt more about my personality and how to use my strengths that I didn’t realise I had. Many thanks.

  • Counselling gave me the chance to practice what I needed to say to someone who was making my life miserable. I learned that I have the right to express my needs and I learnt how to be assertive. Counselling has helped me to be brave. Thank you to my Counsellor.

  • Sandra, an accountant by trade, was used to living a busy lifestyle until she was dismissed from her job, whilst battling to fight breast cancer. This left her feeling isolated with no-one to talk to at a vital point in her life when she needed support.

    I’ve always had depression, but this was far worse. Attending the courses and activities at Mind has made me realise that I wasn’t alone. It helped to build my confidence, introduced me to some of my closest friends and gave me tips to help me to work through things...

    I still have bad days, but it has helped me to cope and deal with things quicker so I can move on. Mind has benefited my life in every single possible way. I feel a lot more confident and for once I’m happier in my own skin as a result of contacting them.

  • Elaine was encouraged to visit Tyneside Mind after receiving counselling to help her to cope with depression after leaving an abusive relationship. The end of her relationship had made her aware of a number of worries and concerns. In addition to being left with mountains of debt and faced with eviction, Elaine then had to contend with the thought of two family members attempting to commit suicide.

    It was a difficult point in my life. It is fair to say that life sucked. The people at Mind kept me going. We help each other. If anyone has a problem there is always someone to listen or steer you in the right direction...

    You are almost certain to have a laugh, which is rare for those who don’t laugh very much. The groups have helped me to come to terms with things and explore new methods of coping. I now know what my triggers are and what I have to do to keep me on the right track.

  • Richard, 50, struggled to come to terms with his disability after he retired from his role as a porter, as a result of damaging the cartiledge in his knee. Unable to manage everyday tasks, he soon felt isolated as a result of his situation.

    Mind has helped me to identify new ways of dealing with self-confidence, anxiety and depression, encouraging me to keep well and look positively towards the future...

    I've enjoyed taking part in a number of social activities since attending including art classes, quizzes and relaxation sessions. I've come every Monday and Friday since being referred by my psychiatric nurse to take part.

  • Dianna, 42, was diagnosed with depression after she retired from her role as a carer/cleaner due to ill-health. She was first referred to Mind by her community psychiatric nurse after she had been receiving treatment at the Tranwell Unit in Gateshead.

    Mind has helped to build my confidence and supported me to gain a greater understanding of other issues affecting mental health. Thanks to my new found confidence, I've been able to support new members in the Safe Space until they feel comfortable to talk to others.

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