Our Get Set To Go project promotes physical activity and excersise to improve mental health. It really does work! June has kindly shared her experiences with us...


"Here are a few words on my progress since I joined the Get Set to Go project. I’m not very good at putting my thoughts down on paper but here we go!

My name is June and I am a lady of 66 years. For many years now I have suffered from Depression and Anxiety; I have a lot of ongoing pain and suffering with my legs and back, I have a tilted Pelvis and also have Arthritis in my lower Back and COPD too.

In the past, I never did any form of exercise or walked anywhere, had no interest in anything, then my life changed when a friend { Dianna } eventually talked me round into going to the Get Set to Go weekly activity group at Tyneside and Northumberland Mind that she goes to.

I went in to meet Andrew, have a chat and see what the group was all about, that was the first and hardest step over and many more to come. From that day until now I have never looked back, I am trying things I never thought or dreamt of doing, I have more self esteem, more confidence and I am a lot fitter.

Within the group we play games and activities like {Table Tennis, seated Volley Ball, Curling, Air rifle target shooting and much more}. We also talk about our mental health improvements and Andrew lets us know of forthcoming activities and events to see if anyone is interested in taking part.

Through my growing confidence and motivation, I recently helped Andrew promote the project with a stall at a local volunteer day in Gateshead by holding boxing demonstrations to encourage the public to participate and volunteer.

This also takes me to an event I was interested in; a 16 mile Gateshead Recovery Walk, which I was told is the longest in the country! There were three of us who did it, me, Tony and Andrew so with a lot of encouragement and determination, we completed it in just over 6 hours, {it was hard, it wasn’t easy} but afterwards, I was elated and so proud of myself.

Throughout the walk, Andrew recorded our progress and made a short documentary film to show and inspire others to take control of their own mental health recovery through physical activity.

A short time later I tried Rock Climbing for the first time with a group of other Get Set to Go members, we all struggled at first but got there in the end through group support. Andrew has helped me immensely, building my confidence, self esteem and helping me achieve things I never thought possible.

Before Get Set to Go, I was sitting at home becoming a vegetable, now I feel alive and have something in my life worth living for. By the way, I have also just become a Great Grandmother too!"

You can view June's '16 mile Gateshead Recovery Walk' here, and if you are interested in finding out a little more about our Get Set To Go project click here.

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