To get the best results we recommend that you record your mood several times a day. Your daily maximum and minimum mood scores will be added to your history chart as coloured bars that you can click to explore your days in more detail.

Sign Up & Sign In

Follow this link to sign up via our website or Facebook. If you register via the website you will receive an activation email. Click the link in the email to get started.

Rate Your Mood

Work out how you feel and click "Rate My Mood". Give your mood a score from 1 "as bad as it gets" to 10 "as good as it gets".

Keep a Mood Journal

In the space provided, add a note to explain how you are feeling.

Include as much information as possible and track events and activities using keywords like walk 30 minutes, walk 2 hours, beer 2 pints, beer 1 pint, sleep 8 hours, sleep 4 hours.

When you look back through your journal you should begin to spot mood triggers.

Review Mood History

Track your ups and downs on your history chart. Each bar represents one day with your maximum and minimum mood scores highlighted. Your maximum and minimum scores are also used to calculate a mathematical average score for each day.

Click the bars on your chart to…

Explore Your Journal

Each bar contains your hourly mood scores, journal entries and keyword filtering. To explore your days in more detail cick the bars.

You can find your journal entries and hourly scores further down the page under the bar chart.

Spot Mood Trends

Over time, a list of keywords will start to appear in your journal. These are words which you have used more than once.

You can click any keyword to see how and when it was used before. Click Reset to remove the keyword filter and return to your last journal entry.

Get Bonus Website Content

Website users can view mood charts over months and years, edit journal entries, and access daily average mood scores. When you sign up you will also get instant access to wellbeing tips, message notifications and opinion polls that can be tailored to your age, location and gender when you complete your profile (My Account).

Registered App users will also be able to synchronise data between their devices and the website.

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