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If you encounter any bugs whilst using our Mood Tracker, or if you have any ideas for new features, please email our development team with as much information as possible. Your feedback is important to us. We are continually looking to improve our system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rate my mood more than once a day?

Yes, we recommend that you record your mood several times a day and include as much information as possible in your journal.

Do I need to include a journal entry with each mood score?

No, but the more information you record the more likely it is that you will start to spot your mood triggers.

What should I include in my journal?

Details such as where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing will help us to build a complete picture of your moods. Use "repeat" words to track events, activities and triggers (see below).

Can I track my medication / exercise / sleep / alcohol consumption?

Yes, you can use "repeat" words to track ANY event, activity or trigger e.g. walk 30 minutes, walk 2 hours, beer 2 pints, beer 1 pint, sleep 8 hours, sleep 4 hours.

Can I look for trends in my moods?

Yes, as you add data, your journal entries will begin to show a list of highlighted keywords. These are words which you have used more than once ("repeat" words). Click your keywords to see how and when they were used before, and which moods were previously associated with them.

If I miss a day, can I add my mood scores later?

Mood Tracker does not allow you to add retrospective scores or journal entries. If you miss a day(s) it might be beneficial to give the reason in your next journal entry.

Can I edit or delete a journal entry?

Yes, each entry in your journal has an Edit button. You can add, edit or delete notes, then click Save to finish.

Can I edit or delete a mood score?

A picture of your emotional wellbeing is built up over time based on a continuous stream of mood records. Your individual mood scores cannot be deleted but you can edit or clear the content of an associated journal entry. If you accidentally record the wrong score, rate your mood again with the correct score and make a note in your journal.

What is the benefit of registering?

Registering opens the door to additional services delivered via the website. Bonus content including message notifications, wellbeing tips and opinion polls will be instantly available to you. Sign up now. It's FREE and easy to join!

Registered App users will also be able to synchronise data between their devices and the website.

How do I register?

Follow this link to sign up. Enter an email address and password in the spaces provided (or sign up using Facebook). If you register via the website you will receive an activation email. Click the link in the email to get started.

Do I need to complete my profile?

No, you can use the website and App without any profile information.

What are targeted notification and polls?

If you complete your profile, we will occasionally send information and opinion polls that are tailored to your age, gender or location. All profile details are optional.

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